Domestic bus lines in Poland are run by PKS and Polski Express. Book your coach travel in UK and around Europe with BlaBlaBus ↔ Free Wi-Fi and plug sockets ↔ Free online booking! In the north and northwest of the Netherlands, buses are a crucial component of the transportation network. Eurolines serves major destinations in Slovakia. is a metasearch engine for bus travel in Europe, with more than 2,500 destinations by bus and a lot of bus companies. Buy your low cost bus tickets online, via our bus app, in one of our FlixBus stores or directly from the bus driver. Or a holiday with your family or friends? Visit the Slovak language SAD website. Ever since the first bus companies launched bus routes connecting various American cities in the 1910s, hopping on a bus is a great way to explore the United States. More details. Eurolines serves major destinations in Serbia and Montenegro. Bus travel in France is not, generally speaking, the best way to get around the country. The Swiss Postbus network is integrated into the Swiss train network. Eurolines serves major destinations in Great Britain. Find your bus schedules & stations for Paris Free Wi-Fi & power outlets on board 301 direct connections Book your bus tickets to Paris now! Bosnia and Herzegovina's generally reliable bus network is complicated by the political administration of this once-wartorn country. On the Spain and Portugal tours you can explore the Iberian Peninsula and its exquisite culture, delicious food and incredible history! There are two main routes. The bus network in Germany takes up where the train network leaves off, and most train stations are adjacent to bus stops. You can quickly compare and book the cheapest bus tickets online for your trip. For information on bus services for travel within, from and to French-speaking parts of Belgium, see Wallonia's official transportation website. From France, Alsa offers many buses to Spain, but also to the rest of Europe. Buses (and speedier and more comfortable "microbuses") in Romania suffer from poor organization. The world is out there, and it’s less expensive than you think. Eurolines serves major destinations in Lithuania. Eurolines serves major destinations in Finland. Eurolines serves major destinations in Romania. Buses between cities in Slovakia are operated by Slovenska auobusova doprava (SAD). Save with FlixBus! The company also offers night buses on … Your ticket is your guarantee to a comfortable seat on board. The train network in Austria is particularly well developed, with the bus network taking over in some isolated and mountain regions. Eurolines serves major destinations in Switzerland. For some basic information about bus transportation, visit the Public Transport Company Sofia. Our buses are equipped with large and comfortable seats, a toilet, Wi-Fi and power outlets. If you want to continue your travels in Portugal, buy another ticket of CP from Lisbon to your destination. Eurolines serves major destinations in Croatia. Up until today, the bus not only stands for cheap and convenient travels but is also eco-friendly and safe for the passengers. Volanbusz runs an extensive Hungarian bus network. If you are experiencing difficulties while accessing this website, please give us a call at (855) 626-8585 or refer to the FlixBus Google Assistant App . The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 26h 22m. Eurolines serves major destinations in Italy. BlaBlaBus dessert plusieurs villes pour aller au Portugal en bus. No, there is no direct bus from Portugal to France. In a country as big as Germany, Eurolines (known in Germany as Deutsche-Touring GmbH) is also a good option for intercity travel. Traveline, which can be reached at 0870 608 2608 between 8am and 8pm, offers comprehensive information on timetables and bus companies. Go across Europe with the company Eurolines travel by bus. These bus lines offers journeys for under 2 GBP. Bulgaria has a decent bus network, though there is no single source of schedule information. Eurolines serves major destinations in Austria. Check bus schedules at the Bussireisid site. Major bus companies in Portugal Rede Expressos Check out National Express FunFares for budget-friendly deals. Eurolines serves major destinations in Germany. From Tirana you can reach most corners of the country by bus. That said, the bus network is quite comprehensive. Getting you from A to B stress free: thanks to real-time bus stop information, up-to-date and current bus schedules, helpful staff and friendly on-site bus drivers, you don't need to worry about a thing. Eurolines serves major destinations in Estonia. There are 71 vacation packages to choose from, that range in length from 6 days up to 24 days. For information about schedules and routes, see Postbus online. For information on the bus network in Austria, call 01-711 01 (in Austria). Jump on board one of our green buses and travel throughout Europe. Since 2001, our mission has been to make your time in Europe affordable and memorable. ALSA's international network spreads across 12 countries, including Italy, Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Portugal. The Greek bus network is run by KTEL, a cooperative bus organization. Check out Autoosta for more information. Choose from over 2,500 travel destinations in 34 countries and discover Europe with FlixBus. Eurolines serves major destinations in Spain. Eurolines serves major destinations in France. We put at your disposal the most modern and safe models on the market, so you can travel comfortably and … We'll take you from A to B at an unbeatable price. Buses and minibuses in Albania run between big cities. Buses (and speedier and more comfortable "microbuses") in Romania suffer from poor organization. ALSA is a Spanish bus provider that's very popular in France and the rest of Europe. Rede Expressos Bus, Portimão, … For information about schedules, fares, special offers and bus passes, visit Nor-Way Bussekspress online. Consulter le détail de ces lignes. Eurolines serves major destinations in Hungary. The KTEL website is extremely well organized. Bus Eireann operates bus services across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Eurolines serves major destinations in Poland. © 2020 by Over There Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Voyagez en bus avec Eurolines Depuis Mai 2019, la compagnie Eurolines a été rachetée par Flixbus.Les bus Eurolines vont donc progressivement rejoindre le réseau de bus Flixbus. The Estonian bus network maps the country far better than the Estonian train network, and is less expensive to boot. Vous pouvez également rechercher sur Kelbillet votre ticket de bus entre Portugal et France, pour visiter Paris, Marseille, ou Lyon en utilisant la recherche ci-dessus ou le moteur de recherche KelBillet. (There are also three-country and four-country Eurail Select Passes.) +31 515 577750 | Fax +31 515 577751 France. Among the biggest bus companies are Rede Expressos, Rodonorte and Eva. Eurolines serves major destinations in Latvia. lll Compare fares and comfort features of all intercity buses from Nice, France to Rome . The best way to get from France to Portugal is to fly which takes 4h 20m and costs 30€ - 170€. There are 32 vacation packages to choose from, that range in length from 4 days up to 22 days. Bus schedules for compact Luxembourg can be found at the website of Societe Nationale des Chermins de Fer Luxembourgeois (in French). Also check out the Mountain Wilderness Slovenia website, which searches bus schedules within Slovenia. The main player in British bus travel is National Express, which runs the most comprehensive network of bus, or coach, travel in Britain. Bus route information can be found on the ATP website. With our bus journeys you can choose from France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and many more countries! Information about Iceland's various bus companies, routes, and schedules can be found online. Discover the new way to travel by bus. We offer nutshell descriptions of bus services in several European countries below. Our professionals have over 25 years experience in renting vehicles with driver: we do transfers between airport and hotels, business trips and events, and sightseeing tours in Portugal and Spain. Buses in Slovakia are not a dramatically better deal than trains. The drive from Lisbon to Paris takes nearly 17 hours if you drive directly, but passes through several cities in Portugal, Spain, and France that are worth stopping in to help break up the trip. Several bus companies in Cyprus divvy up the island's bus network. Check out schedule and price information at the Oy Matkahuolto Ab website. The Danish bus network is quite dense, connecting most rural corners of the country. Our efficient coaches are proven to have an excellent carbon footprint per driven passenger-kilometer. Here you find round trips from Rome to Nice, France and vice versa. Among the best are Croatia Bus and Panturist. De France, embarquez à bord d’un bus tout confort à destination de Lisbonne, Porto, Faro, Aveiro, Braga ou encore Guimarães. In small and well-linked Belgium, buses are best utilized for transportation between small towns. Buses are inexpensive and sometimes provide faster connections between cities than trains. It's not just Paris. Indeed, Alsa has extended its international network to 12 European countries, including France, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom and Belgium. Romania Bus Information. Réservez votre trajet en fonction de vos disponibilités au meilleur prix. Buses also connect Danish cities, and in so doing offer an more affordable alternative to train transportation. Visit the main domestic bus terminal in Skopje, located near the church of Sveta Dimitrija. Check the online schedules of the island's "green lines" of buses Inter City Buses. Eurolines serves major destinations in Norway. National Express also offers buses in Spain, Portugal, and Germany as well as long-distance buses which travel throughout Europe. The domestic bus network in Lithuania is run by TOKS. Snacks & drinks are also available from our friendly bus drivers along with free Wi-Fi and plug sockets - on each one of our buses! Compare them and decide which one feeds your needs best. Alsa: The Spanish company Alsa is the most important bus company in Spain. BSI operates a clearinghouse website, which should help you organize your travels through pricey Iceland. Eurolines serves major destinations in Slovenia. City Link covers Scotland while Megabus blankets England, Wales, and Scotland. Pollution trip to Lisbon. These two bus stations are clustered together, near the Central Train Station. Choose your type of bus. Transportation by bus in France's northwest regions of Brittany and Normandy is especially useful. Subscribe and get our free guide to "101 Ways to Save in Europe", Your subscription request has been received. Isilines serves more than 80 cities in France. Should you still need further assistance, our friendly customer service team will gladly help with any problems or uncertainties you may have! In Bucharest, catch buses at the Central Bus Station and microbuses at the Piata Gara de Nord, adjacent to the Bus Station. Map out your train or bus journey at this official Danish trip planning site. En attendant que la totalité des bus Eurolines rejoignent le réseau FlixBus, il est possible d'acheter des billets Eurolines pour voyager à travers l'Europe. Coach / Bus Tours in France 2021 Take in the picturesque landscapes and remarkable sights on a guided Coach / Bus tour of France. General information on Lisbon. Portugal is well served by a comprehensive network of buses. The bus trip search engine for Europe. While bus companies in Serbia and Montenegro do not have much of an online presence, bus transportation in the country is thorough and reliable. Whether you want to travel by bus to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, DC, or anywhere else in the world, you can check the bus schedules, ticket prices and the services on the bus. Generally, trains and low-cost airlines will take care of your transportation needs in Italy, but for travel off the train network, bus transportation may come in handy. Find all the current information about our services and network. Keep in mind that trains are often less expensive than buses in Slovenia. Pour réserver votre voyage en bus Portugal France, vous pouvez visiter le site d'Eurolines , principale compagnie d'autobus en Europe. In Brittany, rely on Les Courriers Bretons. Choose from over 2,500 travel destinations in 34 countries. Fares, schedules and online-ticketing available for more than 700 destinations across Europe! Areas beyond the tentacles of France's fantastic train network provide the main exception to this rule. CheckMyBus will help you find the most suitable bus connection for your individual needs so that your coach trip to Portugal is a full success. You'll be the first to know about any FlixBus news. You can plan your bus trip and jump on board feeling completely relaxed. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs 80€ - 130€ and takes 23h 12m. Valladolid and Salamanca are both historical centers of Spain, and the Basque Country at the Spanish-French border is an area you won't regret stopping in for a night—or several. For budget-minded travelers, buses in the Czech Republic provide a serious alternative to trains. In France, cover must-see destinations including Paris, Burgundy, Lyon, Mont Saint Michel, the Loire valley and the Normandy D-Day landing beaches. Sorry, an error occurred and your subscription request could not be processed. Slovenian bus schedules in and out of Ljubljana can be found at the Ljubljana post bus website. Eurolines serves major destinations in Sweden. Among the biggest bus companies are Rede Expressos, Rodonorte and Eva. 2,500 destinations to discover from €5 Show your ticket directly on your phone Wi-Fi & plug sockets on board 2 free pieces of luggage Snacks & drinks Book your cheap travel today! Among the best bus companies are Alsa, Alsina Graells Sur and Auto-Res. Want to go on a last minute city break? Compared to other national bus services in Europe, I found Portugal’s to be clean, comfortable and with a window seat the scenery makes a pleasant journey. Planning a backpacking trip in Europe? For travel to remote locations, take advantage of the Royal Mail's postbuses. Wallonia's official transportation website, Societe Nationale des Chermins de Fer Luxembourgeois. Portugal: Découvrez ce pays sans vous ruiner et en bénéficiant d’un confort et d’une flexibilité optimales dans nos bus longue distance Tickets de bus low-cost Découvrez tous les arrê Bus service in Latvia is well organized. Book a car out of Portugal. Sweden is well served by a range of bus companies. Two-Country Passes: Pair Spain with Portugal, France or Italy via the Eurail Select Pass with a two-country option. Check out Polski Express online (in Polish). Alsa (an affiliate of National Express) runs buses to Porto via Guarda and to Lisbon from Madrid (journey times are around 8-9 hours depending on the time of departure) and via Badajoz and Evora to Lisbon from Sevilla (6 hours). Swebus Express offers the broadest network, while Safflebussen connects the south of Sweden with Stockholm and Ybuss connects points north with Stockholm. General Conditions for Business and Booking, General terms and conditions of carriage - Selection. Travel by bus is really convenient and one of the cheapest means of transport. 1 Paris (France) - Irun (Spain) - Lisbon (Portugal) 2 Paris (France) - Barcelona (Spain) - Madrid (Spain) - Lisbon (Portugal… Our aim is to offer you convenient, low cost and straightforward bus service. While some bus companies only operate regionally, others cover the whole nation with their bus lines. Getting to Lisbon by bus;Frequency of departure to Lisbon by bus. If you have any questions during the planning of your journey, take a look at our FAQs. Among the best-known bus transportation companies, check out Lazzi, Sita and SAIS (all in Italian). Bus or fly from France to Portugal? Eurolines serves major destinations in Denmark. However, there are services departing from Rossio and arriving at Notre-Dame - Quai De Montebello via Lisboa Oriente and Porte De Reuilly. Il y a actuellement 3515 ligne(s) de bus, de car et d'autobus au départ de PORTUGAL, assurées notamment par la compagnie OUIBUS. Save money with our unbeatably cheap bus tickets, save time with our detailed bus schedules and punctual buses and save the environment, as bus travel is the most environmentally friendly means of transport. Travelling around Portugal by bus. Bus service in Croatia is comprehensive and inexpensive. Noord Ned connects the northern provinces of Groningen and Friesland (in Dutch). Nor-Way Bussekspress is the biggest player in the domestic Norwegian bus market. Eurolines serves major destinations in Ireland. No problem at all! For timetables and fare information, visit Volanbusz online. Multiple Country Passes: The Eurail Global Pass allows you to travel freely in 28 countries, while the Eurail Select Pass allows you to pick from four adjacent countries. Check schedule information Jizdnirady online. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has a fine bus network, especially useful for transportation between the country's two top attractions: capital Skopje and scenic Lake Ohrid. Royal Mail customer service can be reached at 01246-546329. With Busbud, you can easily compare buses and find cheap bus tickets for your next bus trip. Long distance travel is covered by Oy Matkahuolto Ab. A large number of coach companies such as ALSA, Avanza Grupo or Eurolines España connect Portugal with other European countries such as Spain, France or Germany. Portugal is well served by a comprehensive network of buses. Coach / Bus Tours in Portugal and Spain 2021 Take in the picturesque landscapes and remarkable sights on a guided Coach / Bus tour of Portugal And Spain. Best prices to Lisbon. In Belgrade, locate regional buses at the Lasta Bus Station and buses to domestic destinations further afield at the BAS Bus Station. Ouibus: Ouibus is one of the largest bus companies in France , operating over 180 routes both throughout the country and internationally. Choose your route from our extensive network; with over 400,000 daily connections to over 2,500 destinations in 34 European countries, you really can explore Europe! Get exclusive offers, exciting competition updates and the latest announcements by signing up to our newsletter and liking our Facebook page. Eurolines serves major destinations in Belgium. Eurolines serves major destinations in Bulgaria. Additionally, basic information about bus transportation is difficult to come by. Book your bus ticket now → FlixBus: The smart choice in traveling So whether you're traveling with FlixBus to Berlin, Prague, Milan, Paris or Frankfurt, you'll always travel green! You certainly can’t go wrong with a wonderful trip to France, Spain, Portugal or Morocco. Portugal Bus Information. Check posted schedules and then double-check with drivers. Not to mention Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Austria – FlixBus provides the travel you want, when you want it! Eurolines serves major destinations in Greece. Enjoy comfortable seats with spacious legroom, power outlets and free Wi-Fi while you travel the US by bus at unbeatable prices. See the Deutsche-Touring website for information on travel within, from and to Germany. These sites are in Swedish. While the bus system on the surface appears to be less organized than it is in most European countries, the capital Tirana is the main hub of bus travel in Albania. Buses in Spain are an essential part of the transportation network, offering inexpensive and comprehensive connections throughout the country. A new breed of budget bus lines has sprung up in Britain. Finland's bus network reaches most cities and towns across Finland's huge expanse. These glorious countries have some of the most amazing sun drenched and fabulous places to explore in the world and are certainly seen as top destinations to go and visit. Eurolines serves major destinations in Portugal. Comfort, Supra or Premium. Eurolines serves major destinations in the Czech Republic.