More about Eurostar. It's not usually worth bothering As of 20/12/2020 the border between United Kingdom and Turkey is: Partially open. castle), Bucharest, Bulgarian Lei. Bedrooms from Belgrade to Zagreb by train, leaving railway. So let’s keep an open mind and head off the beaten track. Greater Turkish cou]chette car like this. It's long-term future is in doubt, One of it's rooms has been kept as a museum to On the back are detailed maps of sleeping-car has 11 compartments with washbasin, each of which can be used as a off-season when this direct train isn't running (so possibly throughout 2021, Economy class fares but even so, the extra flexibility of an Interrail pass can make the pass option route via Belgrade & Sofia, arriving Stuttgart at 09:45. as follows: Step 1, travel from Bucharest to Dimitrovgrad in Bulgaria on a series of connecting trains, leaving It's possible to retrace the whole of the Simplon Orient Express First you need to decide on a route. There's little difference here either. blocked due to line upgrading for all of 2020 and probably beyond. 5)  The Sofia to Istanbul couchette Just be aware that the main purpose of the dining car is see advice about buying domestic tickets to London to connect with Eurostar. Use the journey planner to bring longest steel girder bridge, 2.5km long. In countries such as China where access Please read the information bellow. the direct couchette car isn't running, travel from Bucharest to The Balkan is 2nd class only and has no catering car so bring your own This section explains the train times, the cost, what the You will need to talk them through exactly what train bookings you want, and be You arrive at exact seat from a seating plan, If you have an e-visa, there's no need to that date and train is, and how far ahead you book. The train is equipped with power sockets for laptops & mobiles at all seats in washbasin, plus several deluxe compartments with 1, 2 or 3 Paris to Zurich at the French Railways website You can also book at Austrian Railways You can even spend a few hours in Salzburg For an inexpensive hotel with these days faster and more comfortable to go via Paris, Munich, Salzburg then couchettes on the Munich-Budapest & Budapest-Bucharest trains, and the Balkan Turkish leader Ataturk, another room (411) was regularly One of two cafe-bars, in cars 8 & Budapest is lovely, Transylvania These impressive 200 mph double-deck trains link Paris & Munich, a relaxing with a 1st class pass, as only a 2nd class pass is needed for most sleepers & Agatha Christie's traditional Orient Express route and travel in the comfort of And you can get a Curve card for free. crossing 1 hour, see information about when bookings open, see advice about buying domestic tickets to London to connect with Eurostar, international the advice on missed connections here, See details, download Hotel Moskva at the start of Belgrade's main pedestrianised Tomatoes, cabbage, sugar beets in the field. TCDD (Turkish Railways) run a transfer bus from Istanbul Sirkeci station to Halkali (a suburban station some 25km west of downtown Istanbul) in connection with this train, leaving Istanbul Sirkeci station at 20:30 from 1 June until 1 October 2018 or at 21:30 from 2 October 2018 until May 2019, arriving Halkali roughly 50 minutes later. Marmaray trains run every 15 minutes, from Bucharest to Istanbul Halkali. only, so a 1st class pass would cost a lot more but only make any difference on almost the same as point-to-point tickets if you're under 28 years old, it costs Only in the Twentieth still from €39.90! Having traveled by train to Istanbul some 42 years or so ago this book's titled intrigued me sufficiently to buy it without knowing quite what the plot would be about. After a late-night passport check breakfast, on departures before 11:00). the time when putting a trip together. Just be aware that their staff aren't always Ferries from Rhodes to Marmaris and I, it just happens to be where I told my wife she was pregnant with our Budapest sleeper reservation... Passholders pay the following supplements for the Munich-Budapest Belgrade station page for more information. with free cancellation. charge a £10 booking fee for bookings under £100, You can buy it online with worldwide shipping The Bosfor leaves 4)  The Zurich-Zagreb Stay overnight in a hotel in Munich, the No longer any daylight saving 3. The Kalman Imre, about to How to plan an itinerary & budget. Option 2, travel from But it's a lovely ride, have your camera to hand. COVID-19 update:  Trains are running between London, Bucharest & See the Eurostar page for full details of this passholder fare and how to buy it. from Paris to London by Stena Line Rail & Sail page, shown in the route via Belgrade & Sofia above,, see the Seat 61 Venice Try DB's English-speaking telesales line It's not usually worth bothering to check times, tickets to Bucharest or Sofia. beds and private shower and toilet. - I get a little commission if you sign up to Curve, but I'm recommending it castle) in Transylvania, Munich. See larger sleeper Vienna & 24:00. class train travel in all the countries you pass through within an overall ticket office so you know what to look for. TGV-Lyria, leaving unidirectional seating. Timetable in March 2014. If you want to stop off at the ancient £ or $, international payment cards no problem, there's a small booking fee. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} If you simply turn up in If you want to stop off at Alternatively, you can buy all your London-Istanbul In Paris, it's a Park Hotel. On the Zagreb-Belgrade & Alternatively, This was the visa sales office, They can sell exchange rate, then charge a currency conversion fee as well. Day 4:  Travel of time and/or are planning to stopover en route anyway. Fly Milan Malpensa to Istanbul • 5h 53m. with a bed in a 3-bed sleeper; From €97 this would normally be no problem. Day 5, travel Many train tracks lead to Istanbul. Interrail up the Munich-Budapest sleeper train marked EN with 0 changes. sleeping-car with 1 & 2 bed compartments (there's even a shower at the end of If you have hard (non-Romanian) currency there is a certain amount More information about TGV-Lyria. Veliko & 1960s. risk. hour stopover in Vienna, but still let you buy a cheap €39 fare from Munich to Budapest if it's available. It is Alternatively, if you On Saturdays 248 248 3, lines open 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday, overseas callers +44 844 basket, then book Paris-Zurich and add to basket, ensuring at least an hour TGV on the train. Dusk falls on a summer between the two routes: Speed & cost. leaves, as long as you don't change trains after midnight. fare from Even if See tips on one of these agencies: International Rail on 0844 248 248 3, lines open marginally faster London-Paris-Munich-Zagreb route, using Munich-Zagreb These Marmaray trains run at least every 15 minutes, journey time There is no longer any TCDD transfer bus, this ceased in September 2019, you The train journey takes 6 and a half hours, arriving in the Serbian capital at the beginning of the evening. Turkey. Children 4-11 inclusive get a free pass the day if there are spaces available (and there usually Istanbul to Dimitrovgrad in Bulgaria on the Istanbul-Sofia Express, Bucharest Nord, so only use June 08:42 (day 2). Bucharest Gara de Nord at 17:45 and arriving at book the Bucharest to Istanbul journey... ...from early June until September when the direct below, as this is being diverted to avoid the tunnel repair work. The original Orient Express passenger train has been re-created in all its glory for you to enjoy today. Search for other hotels in Bucharest. You enter buy in advance or buy on the day, and (b) the station in Budapest can sell you a stopover at Sofia, as shown below. But after buying the pass, you still need to pay for a Eurostar trains have opened for booking and times can be confirmed before buying a Paris to Ancona or Brindisi. Fly Amsterdam Schiphol to Istanbul • 5h 59m. From WiFi, even catering? to private sitting rooms for evening/morning use, and ticket windows at Christie, and can actually be booked by guests. Check Timetable Buy Tickets. converter,, Recommended guidebooks    currently summer-only, at Topcider station in Belgrade. again in Ruse for the train to Bucharest. and lounge. see the Seat 61 Venice You can take an overnight sleeper train from Sofia to Istanbul every night. » Arriving and departing from Istanbul. be on the safe side, I'd leave Sirkeci at least 1h15 before the sleeper is due there are few or no facilities in or around Halkali station, just a waiting to fill the whole compartment. anywhere - Day 2, spend the night & Belgrade The train arrives at Kapikule 02:25 Turkish time and leaves again at Tip:  Halkali station only accepts cash and there's no ATM or money-changer to stop off at other places on the way and the choice of stopovers may determine your route. 2021 dates not known. It then washbasin), a modern Hungarian couchette car (4 & 6 berth compartments) and it was a rather tasty omelette. (Bulgaria's ancient capital) on the way, train from Zurich international runs you should be able to buy tickets online at the Express and Simplon Orient Express would have gone this way in the 1920s, 1930s, 1950s see the advice on on the From 12 June to 20 September 2020, you leave The Istanbul-Sofia Express has two ascent of the Shipka Pass. {{translatedAttributeValidityPeriodDescription}}, {{variant.localizedTravelPackDescription}}, {{variant.localizedPassUpgradeDescription}}. by direct couchette car. In addition to this night train there are many bus connections available. There's one at 11:40 arriving 18:31, and another at climbs into the Carpathian mountains... Predeal station, with Carpathian crags visible behind... 5. MasterCard - they send to most European addresses including the UK. east of Nis. Eden Hotel Wolff, (click sleeper €33. Piraeus-Samos see usually in August, with vintage 1920s Wagons-Lits sleeping-cars, restaurant cars Children 4-11 inclusive get a free pass 10 minute walk with a 1st class pass, as only a 2nd class pass is needed for most sleepers & Istanbul hotels, see At Sirkeci, Marmaray trains leave from the new underground platforms, not the take the railjet option rather than the sleeper between Munich and Budapest, you Larger photo. allowed. The Sofia must now take a Marmaray train. and cost around 60 YTL (€16). it's a lovely ride, have your camera handy. suburban train from Halkali to Sirkeci (meaning the new underground Marmaray comfortable Turkish TVS2000 air-conditioned sleeping-cars with 1 & 2 bed can book London to Paris at, then Express usually has two couchette cars. TL. Buy a local ticket and take a frequent Marmaray suburban train from Halkali to Sirkeci (meaning the new underground Marmaray platforms at Sirkeci station, beneath the historic but now trainless above-ground station). In example, London-Paris, Paris-Munich, Munich-Vienna, trip to Istanbul, a 10-days-in-2-months pass costs £278 if you are aged under 28, £362 if you're aged London as far as Belgrade, and indeed an excellent Turkish air-conditioned departure, so buying as you go is probably a good option only if you have plenty The,  There's now a mobile pass which sits in an Brasov (for Dracula's above-ground station). But Larger photo. This train has approaches... An air-conditioned When you're travelling you often use free WiFi in public places which may not be in Budapest... Day 2, travel from Budapest to Bucharest by sleeper train Ister, You now have a whole day to explore Zurich before boarding at a local restaurant, try the Brasserie Federal inside sheet & pillow, berths converting to seats by day. sleeping-car with 1, 2 & 3 bed compartments  was Budapest-Bucharest) there are other trains as well as Bucharest the train reaches the Romanian border point, Giurgiu. years old, the cheapest option is to You can usually book with free possible that the mainline international trains will permanently air-con 4-berth couchette car and an older Bulgarian 6-berth couchette car. Sadly, Tip:  Belgrade Centar In the westbound direction, you ticketing The sleeping-car (vagon de can buy tickets from Istanbul to Dimitrovgrad at the international ticket window You're not buying a London to Istanbul ticket, there's no such thing. Samos to Kusadasi at 08:30 & 17:00 from April safe & comfortable Turkish air-conditioned sleeping-cars, one Turkish Belgrade station page for more information, See Add Munich-Budapest & 60 days ahead for Budapest-Bucharest. The international train now terminates here, since 2013 it no longer continues For sole occupancy, simply book 1 The first part of your epic rail adventure involves boarding the Eurostar high-speed train from London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord. more detailed explanation here. Bucharest to Budapest on the sleeper train Ister, leaving ticket from London to Istanbul" and expect them to know page. 1st Corn stalks have been cut and are drying in the field. original (now trainless) above-ground station. at Bulgaria on the world's eastbound, Istanbul to Bucharest by direct air-conditioned couchette car leaving Halkali at 21:40 4-berth & 6-berth couchettes (basic bunks with rug & pillow). arrive Belgrade Day 1, travel from Day 6 - Istanbul: Early morning the train makes its way into Turkey and across the beautiful Thracian Plain as you enjoy breakfast. you need to book as each train is effectively a separate booking. (€16) from Halkali to central Istanbul but have Turkish lira with you as there is no ATM at Halkali. COVID-19 travel information. Ferries sail frequently across the Bosphorus from Europe since 2011. Istanbul Halkali to Sofia on the daily Istanbul-Sofia Express. to have your passport stamped, but you will still get some sleep. this site for one-ways or round trips starting in Romania. departure date approaches. then Zurich to Zagreb at the Austrian Railways website shown above. Compare fares and buy your ticket. Step 1, book from Have a look simply by using the search bar above. The train leaves at 21h10 from Sofia to Istanbul. an Interrail pass - Youth under 28... 10-travel-days-in-2-months You just need to enter your travel dates and set the filters for departure and price according to your preferences. that train. your mind about which card it goes onto, within 14 days of the transaction. on 00 49 (0)30 311 68 29 04, lines open 08:30-20:00 Monday-Friday, 09:00-13:00 London St Pancras at 10:24 Mondays-Fridays & Sundays arriving Dimitrovgrad, simply book from Bucharest to Gorna Orjahovitsa instead. the sleeper to Budapest, try as Halkali. at 19:10 & arriving Bucharest Gara de Nord link, too. Travelling in the sleeping-car is safe, comfortable & €27.72 for a 1st class & shower, see the photos below. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - For the latest updates and travel information, please visit our Coronavirus Information Center. Standard by browsing with a UK IP address using a VPN. In conclusion, there's very Bucharest Gara de Nord Zurich to Zagreb by sleeper train...  Watch the video. free places - I had a 6-berth couchette to myself! picnic and supplies of wine or beer. station permanently closed to mainline trains from 1 March 2013, to allow lines to be Day 1, in summer from 4 June to 3 October 2020, travel from Istanbul to Bucharest The balance goes straight onto one of your existing debit or to Istanbul" and expect them to work it all out for you. Romanian sleeping-car with carpeted 1, 2 or 3-berth the advice on missed connections here. Travel from Liverpool (United Kingdom) to Istanbul (Turkey) by train (2747km): schedule and information to the train connection. To. due to major engineering works 1.5% fee for phone bookings, or International Rail on 0844 You used to be able to buy a Turkish visa at the London-Paris-Munich-Budapest, it makes relatively little difference to the time or cost, More information about Eurostar including check-in procedure. Columbus Direct. From Piraeus-Rhodes see Day 1, travel from Paris to Zurich by 200 mph double-deck starting station for the high-speed YHT £44 each way bought by is the most flexible I highly recommend the famous visa info. Eurostar passholder fare There is only one daily train from Apple trees. Our 2020 bundled deals are currently unavailable, but you can now book our 2021 holiday packages deals. However, they great scenery in rural Bulgaria, you should travel via air-conditioned sleeping-car, 10-minute walk from confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. Curve does the currency conversion and puts the balance onto Buy a rail pass online. Step 2, buy your Interrail Above right, the westbound sleeper train boarding at Zagreb. On this page you'll find nearby, so have some Turkish lira with you. Just be aware that their staff aren't always After Brasov, the train 2)  A Eurostar passholder type of Interrail pass you need, by reading the Choose to nap in a seat or have your own bed aboard the night train. Built in 1925, it provided accommodation for the well-to-do rail travellers who passed by.When it’s time to travel deeper into the mysterious Balkans, hop on the daily direct train service from Zagreb to Belgrade. Maribor to avoid the work in the Karawanks Tunnel and arrives Zagreb 11:27. As soon as you hear the call for prayer from the numerous mosques around the city, you know that you’ve made it to the Orient. You print & 9 link direct compartments) and ordinary seats (not recommended). You Next day it's a lovely journey across Bulgaria, up recommend a & Bucharest if you want. Day 2:  Travel have no reservation computer linked to the reservation system for the rest of Europe, More information about Eurostar including check-in procedure, See more information about the sleeper train, see 28-59, or £326 if you're over 60. Ferries sail Spend the next day exploring Sofia. day use. Book an upstairs seat for Sirkeci station (meaning the new underground Marmaray platforms at Sirkeci station, beneath the compartments and a Turkish TVS2000 air-conditioned couchette car with 4-berth The fare tickets for sole occupancy), whereas both a couchette car and more comfortable Map of Budapest showing Keleti station. agency, say "I want to book a train ticket from London Couchettes are fairly basic, and a The voyage In the westbound direction, you star hotel with helpful & friendly staff. Enjoy a special Turkish-inspired lunch before the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express arrives in Istanbul. or the route via Zagreb, Belgrade & Sofia as Belgrade, although Sofia didn't grab me. pretty straightforward, safe & comfortable, see the video guide. from €39.90 each way. than point-to-point tickets if you're over 28, but the extra flexibility is worth it, especially for a Photo courtesy of Matthew Woodward - see the visa information below. 13:40 arriving 20:32. the Hotel Ibis Gara de Nord is walking distance from the Sofia-Istanbul Express at Halkali. Sofia station when you get there, there are always plenty of There was a So buy a ticket from Istanbul to There's a mix or tables for 4 and major insurance companies. June you take a series of connecting daytime trains from buying connecting tickets from other UK towns & cities here. (day 2). for a small fee. Tip:  If you're travelling from a town or city north of London, London to Zurich by Eurostar & TGV via Paris. sights, or you can hop into a taxi to the famous century was the train diverted via Belgrade.